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Frequently asked questions

What is a Pierogi?   Pierogi vs Pierogis?!

-First of all, fun fact: “Pierogi” is plural. The word “pierogies” doesn’t actually exist. The singular form of the word would be “Pieróg”, but no one uses that either because NO ONE EVER EATS JUST ONE- you have several Pierogi. :) 

-Now for our WGP definition:




  1. Small pockets of love stuffed with savory or dessert filling, cooked by boiling first and (if preferred) pan frying until crispy.

  2. Polish dumpling best served w/ onions, sour cream, and a smile. :)

Can I order Pierogi during non-business hours?

Absolutely! We are literally always available to our Pierogi People. Regular hot food hours of business can be found “here” - but outside of those hours, we are always scheduling pick up and deliveries of fresh/frozen Pierogi, Kielbasa & Stuffed Cabbage. To contact us for COLD food orders, simply call or TEXT our Cold/Catering line: 908-505-8070.

What's the difference between FRESH and FROZEN Pierogi?

FRESH Pierogi as listed on our menu means fully cooked, (No need to boil again!) cold, REFRIGERATED Pierogi: pick them up and reheat within the next couple of days.


FROZEN Pierogi are also fully cooked (No need to boil again!), packaged in our lovely silver bags, ready to be thawed and reheated at your convenience!

Short answer: FRESH = COLD.      FROZEN = COLDER.

Do you deliver?

During business hours at the restaurant we deliver via UberEats, DoorDash & Grubhub. We do have a minimum requirement for frozen Pierogi to be delivered; free within a certain radius and add a small delivery fee based on location. 

Call the restaurant during business hours to order hot food ahead: 732-535-7750

Text/Call to inquire about a fresh/frozen or catering delivery: 908-505-8070

Do you cater?

Yes! You are not limited to our hot food hours to have trays of hot Pierogi & other food items available to you! Having a party? Or sick of ordering boring take-out at work? $100 min. For hot food catering required. Interested in picking up COLD Pierogi? No minimum required- text or call for more info ! 908-505-8070

Why is it called Wheelie Good Pierogi?

Christina’s original vision was to create a mobile Food Truck with her Pierogi - during the hunt for a commissary kitchen to supply the goods for the truck, she came across the location in Rahway. Too good of a spot to pass up, the decision was made (after branding commenced) to open the store front location first and have the truck roll in later! Also, we’re Wheelie corny.

Is the  owner Polish?

Yes- Made in the US with 100% Polish parts.

Do you offer Vegan/Gluten Free Pierogi?

Our dough is 100% Vegan so choose based on filling flavors for that category.

We do not currently carry Gluten Free however it is on our long list of future things to do!

Do you use real Potatoes/Mushrooms?

Always! We prefer Golden Spuds. & truthfully, we wouldn’t know where to buy pretend mushrooms anyway.

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