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The Girl Behind The Pierogi...

Born & raised in New Jersey, chronically suffering from middle child syndrome: I’m one of three children that grew up first generation Polish-American with two kick-ass hard working no-nonsense Polish Immigrant parentals to help guide the way. We spent a lot of time with both of my Grandmothers who both had a knack for making the best homemade pierogi ever (of course). My personal favorite as a kid was Potato & Cheese, but fast forward to my taste buds and I growing up- now I love a good 'Kraut & Mushroom Pierogi.


Some of my earliest memories is helping my great-aunt making noodles in Poland on their farm. I remember thinking how great it was that my strange shaped noodles we took way too long to shape was part of my dinner. Milking cows, feeding their chickens, horses and pigs, watching my aunt use a machine to churn our own butter - I loved every part of it! Food plays a huge role in European culture and its partially because of this  that I purposely surrounded myself with food in my late adolescence and young adult life. That, and I really just love to eat.


I graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with my Associates in Culinary Arts and my Bachelors in Food Service Management. 


Having worked in small food establishments, pizzerias, food halls, soup kitchens, country clubs, as a Food Service Director in a school district, Retail & Catering Manager in a Healthcare facility, I was still searching for something that really filled my plate. I decided Food Trucks was a corner of the Culinary World that were up and coming, super intriguing and something I had not yet explored. I found myself working for one of the biggest food truck & restaurant establishments in NJ and can say I truly learned from the best. Even more driven and inspired to open my own concept, I set off to build a business that I could call my own. 


Enter, Wheelie Good Pierogi. For now, my "Little Pierogi Hut" as I like to refer to it, is our home in Rahway, NJ. Food truck plans to roll in ASAP! In the mean time, we offer our Pierogi hot, fresh and frozen here at 1580 Irving St. Our current COVID-19 policies restrict us from having guests come inside, but ring the bell and we'll meet you at the takeout window! We are limiting our hours for hot food (see below) but you can always text/call us to schedule a catering, corporate lunch, or a pickup/delivery of fresh or frozen Pierogi outside of our hot food hours! (908-505-8070)

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Really good people, serving really good food

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